Everything I always wanted to be and I have never dared to hope

After examining the generation models of my childhood between the 80s and the 90s, I interpret “the other” as an unreal and fictitious character. For this reason today I portray myself like heroes, night avengers, romantic adventurers… unreachable figures who became both cue and heart for the realization of extraordinary games, stories and anecdotes…
These fancies, once raised by the media phenomenon, were a meeting point among peers who, swapping stickers, turned the hero into a handy icon.
Now I'm searching and delving into my wardrobe, asking friends for objects, sewing clothes in order to assume the aspect of the beloved characters of my childhood, with the aim to obtain stickers similar to the ones collected in the past. The image obtained is the union of my own identity with that of the mythicized character and as a result it gives an “other” one with a hybrid identity, faded profiles, too real to be a cartoon, too unreal to be true.